Advanced economic growth zones to appear in Tomsk Oblast


Tomsk Oblast Administration is creating a work group which will focus on bringing in new residents as part of the Seversk advanced social and economic growth territory project (TASEG).

The federal law On advanced social and economic growth territories in the Russian Federation was adopted at the end of 2014. It sets the regulatory framework for the creation of zones with special conditions for investments and accelerated social and economic development. The law was initially enforced only in the Russian Far East. It is scheduled to take force in other regions of Russia in 2018.

Rosatom’s management approached the Russian President and the Government with a proposal to start setting up TASEGs in closed cities housing Rosatom’s facilities in 2016. Seversk is one of them. The proposal was accepted, all necessary documents are being reviewed by the Russian government.

TASEG residents have preferences such as zero federal corporate profit tax rate, reduced regional corporate profit tax rate, zero corporate property tax rate, reduced insurance contributions (6% to the Russian Pension Fund, 1,5% to the Social Insurance Fund, 0.1% to the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund), zero land tax, free customs zone procedure.

Source: Tomsk Oblast Administration Information Server
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