ASI gives praise to Tomsk efforts in improving investment climate


Deputy Governor of Tomsk Oblast for Economy Andrey Antonov took part in the workshop of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives on the results of the National Investment Climate Ranking of Russian Regions.

The subject of the workshop was how to improve the efficiency of regions’ management teams in creating favorable conditions for investments. The recommendations for the regions were to focus efforts on the following.

  • Registration of companies and titles
  • ​Connection to power grids
  • Obtaining construction permits
  • Cadastral registration of land plots

ASI Director General Andrey Nikitin described as best regional practice the successful experience of Tomsk Oblast in enrolling small and medium-size firms in the roadmap program Promoting the use of high technology products of innovative companies, including domestic substitutes, in Gazprom facilities. Also, ASI’s leader supported the initiative of Tomsk Oblast to involve federal ministries and natural monopolies in the review of the statements of work included in the National Ranking.

“In the National Ranking 2015 we are a leader for many quantity indicators but we do not perform as well in terms of customers’ satisfaction with our services. Together with the Business Ombudsman of Tomsk Oblast and expert councils we will identify ‘sore spots’ where business meets barriers and eliminate them,” Andrey Antonov commented.


In 2014-2015, Tomsk Oblast participated in the trial national investment climate ranking of Russian regions. In 2014, only 22 regions took part. In 2015, the ranking covered 76 regions. Tomsk Oblast fell into the second group of regions with the most comfortable conditions for business, out of five. The second group included 24 regions out of 76. From the Siberian Federal District there were only two regions – Tomsk and Kemerovo.



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