145 million rubles are allocated for the construction of the Tomsk industrial park infrastructure


Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation has examined applications for the construction of industrial parks subsidies and decided to allocate the Tomsk region for this purpose 145 million rubles.

The federal budget has allocated 1.6 billion rubles to subsidize the construction of industrial parks infrastructure in 2015. Regions applicants requested 4 billion rubles. Ministry of Economic Development examined 35 applications and approved on a competitive basis 22 of them, including Tomsk region. Despite the fact that no region has received subsidy in full, the amount of funds allocated the Tomsk region, is the most - nearly 10% of the total.

Tomsk region application was highly appreciated in the Ministry of Economic Development: Tomsk region is subsidized for 145 million rubles of the 357 requested with the possibility of subsidizing the remaining funds as a priority in 2016.

"This year we plan to complete the creation of industrial park infrastructure and begin the location of production of residents - said the vice-governor for investment policy and property relations Yuri Gurdin. - We do not refuse these plans: we intend to seek reqiured funds from other sources, and then offset the costs by subsidies of the federal budget, which we get in the coming year".

Source: Press-Service of the Tomsk Region Administration
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