Sergey Zhvachkin presented the Tomsk region for Japanese business


The delegation of Tomsk region visited to Tokyo with an official mission on June 8-10 this year. Sergey Zhvachkin told Japanese businessmen about the Tomsk region and its key investment projects.

The senior director of International Projects Department of the Tokyo Government Seiji Kosugi (and the secretary of the Major Cities of Asia Network) told Japanese businessmen about positive experiences of collaboration the Tomsk Region Government. He emphasized that visited Tomsk region six times and recognized it as a beautiful university city with an effectively functioning authority, one of the main innovative Russian regions, it is quite open to foreign business. The Tomsk region entered the Major Cities of Asia Network in 2012 and presented Russian Federation in The Network along with Tokyo, Singapore, Jakarta and other Asian capitals.

Sergey Zhvachkin accented the two main competitive advantages of The Tomsk region - vast natural and intellectual resources. He also told on regional oil and gas forecast resources of iron ore, which account for almost 60% of all Russian stocks, introduced Tomsk projects in petrochemicals and mechanical engineering, as well as renewable natural resources projects. Annual growth of high-tech products in the Tomsk region amounts to 10 - 15%. Tomsk industrial and high technology business is competitive in the international market, because of the products are more reliable and available of many European models.

Sergey Zhvachkin proposed Japanese partners to implement their projects in the Innovation Tomsk Special Economic Zone, opened in 2005, or in the Tomsk Industrial Park, which construction completed in 2016.

Moreover, the project of creation of innovative regional center "INO Tomsk" is implemented in the Tomsk region with the support of the federal government. This is the first Russian project of integrated regional development to which government and business till 2020 invest more than four billion US dollars.

Source: Press-Service of the Tomsk Region Administration
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