Construction of the customs infrastructure is completed at the Southern site of the SEZ "Tomsk"


Permission to commissioning of the second stage of the customs infrastructure of the SEZ “Tomsk” is received.

New customs complex includes inspection box with area of 712 square meters, freight transport checkpoint in conjunction with a canopy, fencing of the Southern site of the SEZ "Tomsk" with length of more than 5 km, three checkpoints for the passage of other vehicles and individuals.

"The completion of the customs infrastructure makes it possible to apply free customs zone mode on the territory of the SEZ “Tomsk”, but not just in its buildings. It allows residents to avoid overpayments when importing equipment for their constructed productions", - said Konstantin Kaminsky, CEO of JSC "SEZ "Tomsk".


Special economic zones are provided with free customs zone (FCZ) when imported foreign goods are placed and used within SEZ territory without payment of customs duties and value added tax. This is one of the major benefits companies account when deciding on placement of business in SEZ. Since 2008, the FCZ mode was applied on a temporary basis in three buildings of the Southern site of the SEZ “Tomsk”.

Source: Press-Service of the Tomsk Region Administration
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