Agricultural production in the region increased by 4.5 percent


During the January-April 2015 the volume of agricultural production in The Tomsk region farms reached 5.3 bln. rubles and the increased by 4.5% in comparison with the same period of 2014.

"Due to the current regional government support measures we broken the downward trend of in the agricultural sector production in the agricultural sector, - said the vice-governor of the agricultural and environment policy Andrew Knorr. - The production of livestock products increased in all categories of farms: volume of milk increased by 102 2%, eggs - by 106.3%, meat and poultry - by 105.5%".

In addition, the agricultural and large farms has increased dairy cow population (for more than 70 heads since the beginning of 2015). Milk yield per cow in January-April 2015 amounted to 1596 kg, by 206 kg (14.8%) more than a year ago. Leaders in the efficiency of dairy herds became JSC "Dubrovsky" (2810 kg) of "Zonal Feed Milling Plant" (2253 kg), "Podsobnoje" (1881 kg), "Belostok" (1889 kg) and "Vesna" (1875 kg).

At the same time positive trend fixed not only in agricultural production but also in its sales: milk, compared with the year 2014, sold more than 9.6%, eggs - by 8.7%, grains - by 6.9%, livestock and poultry (live weight) - 5.2%.

Source: Press-Service of the Tomsk Region Administration
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