Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation considers the SEZ "Tomsk" the most effective


Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Alexander Tsybulskiy during the working visit to the Tomsk region appreciated The Innovation Special Economic Zone "Tomsk" the most effective Russian SEZ.

Alexander Tsybulskiy visited almost all Russian SEZ. SEZ "Tomsk" has a positive development dynamics, confirmed perspective plan provided with funds for the construction of new facilities. Tsybulskiy told, the Ministry intends to redistribute management powers of Russian SEZes, in order to concentrated most of them at the regional level. Soon it is expected adoption of the set of fundamental amendments to the Federal Law of July 22, 2005 № 116-FZ "About special economic zones in the Russian Federation". One of the most important change will be the categories of zones - sites will be divided into federal and regional. Present distinction on industrial, innovation, tourism-recreation and port zones strongly inhibits the development of Russian SEZes.

Tomsk SEZ has significant human and scientific potential, which needs to be developed. The success of SEZ development largely depends on activity of regional team. Tomsk SEZ is the third by efficiency in Russia after Alabuga and the Lipetsk, - said Alexander Tsybulskiy.

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