The first Russian Renewable Natural Resources Cluster is created in Tomsk


On May 15 the participants of strategy session of Innovation and Industrial Renewable Natural Resources Cluster signed a memorandum protocol.

The Board of the Cluster includes representatives of businesses, government and regulation of hunting and forest resources of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Natural Resources, Federal Agency for Fishery, Tomsk State University. The deputy governor of the agricultural and environmet policy Andrew Knorr is elected the chairman of the Board.

Creation of the Renewable Natural Resources Cluster is a historic event not only for The Tomsk region, but also for Russia as a whole, because it is formed in Russia for the first time, - said Andrew Knorr, when opening the strategy session. - This form of organization will help to accelerate the development of business each participant of the Cluster, reducing investment costs by the use of innovative technologies, sharing of infrastructure, production facilities, logistics, retail space.

Participating in the Cluster universities and research organizations will give impetus to the appearance of new demanded by the market educational programs and allow to work out a mechanism of scientific developments commercialization. Creation of the Cluster is included in the Concept of "INO Tomsk" and the updated Strategy of social-economic development of The Tomsk region.

The economic value of Renewable Natural Resources in the Tomsk region is about 15.6 billion rubles with an annual use, currently being developed not more than 15%. Measures of the two government programs are aimed at measures two government programs aimed at Renewable Natural Resources projects support, the amount of funding which will be 4.5 billion rubles from 2015 to 2020. Last year, the regional budget has supported 62 Renewable Natural Resources projects. One budget ruble drawn up 10 to 16 rubles of private investments.

The region is a pilot project involving federal funds for setting forests on cadastral registration, for accumulation of the relevant information, for conducting of fisheries research, etc. "Forming the Cluster, we faced with many obstacles. Now our objective is to develop a mechanism allowing us to overcome them. The best practices will be included in the road map of of the Cluster," - said Andrew Knorr.

Source: Press-Service of the Tomsk Region Administration
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