The resident development of the Tomsk special economic zone made the 100 of best inventions of Russia


The "Operating device of the screw rotor machine" development was awarded a prestigious diploma. This development can be used both in screw pumps and in the pneumatic and hydraulic motors, water cannons, as well as in deep-well pumps used in oil production, as the hydro turbines for small hydro power plants, compressors, steam turbines, screw internal combustion engines. The application of the development significantly reduces the cost of equipment, significantly increases its service life, and improves technical parameters.

The Company Director General Viktor Stanovsky company notes: "Today the Technology market company has 9 objects of intellectual property, protected by more than 15 patents of different countries and regions:  the Russian Federation, the USA, Eurasian and European patents. This development continues a series of works, which are based on a new form of tooth profile in catching of toothed wheels. This so-called eccentrically cycloidal (EC) engagement of the wheels has a huge advantage over the widely used involute engagement, particularly in the field of heavy-duty and high-speed machinery operating in harsh environments. These benefits include a decrease in the specific weight and size indicators of gears, in increase of their reliability and durability."

The mechanisms based on EC-engagement developed by Technology market company, are currently in trial operation as traction transmition of the MPT-6 electric locomotive, main drive gear of the BELAZ-7555 vehicle, linear drive of the reactor valve on high-speed neutrons "Brest-300", in helicopters.


Source: JSC "Special technology and innovation economic zone "Tomsk"
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