Tomsk region forms the forest resource base to open new production facilities


The potential of the forest-resource base, the issues of wood waste utilization and the role of cooperation in the forest industry complex of the region were discussed by the working group supporting the investment project of Asinovsky forestry industrial park headed by the Deputy Governor Andrew Knorr.

This topic has acquired particular urgency in connection with the growth of production capacities of the Asinovsky forestry industrial park which had received the status of the private industrial park and is preparing for the reception of new residents. According to the deputy director general of CJSC "Roskitinvest" Boris Kaznacheev the forest areas with the volume of production of 1.1 mln. cubic meters per year were leased out to the company, although according to the park development plans its annual need in the raw materials is 2 mln. cubic meters.

The forest resource base of Teguldetsky, Zyryansky, and Pervomaisky and Asinovsky areas is able to provide the increased needs in raw materials.  "The use of the rated wood cutting area in those regions does not exceed 30 per cent, - Romal Smalev represented the statistics of the deputy head of the regional forestry department. - Moreover, the majority of tenants working there make a stock of wood of coniferous trees, leaving small-leaved birch and aspen on the plots."

In addition, to address the many other issues of Asinovsky Park and the forestry industrial complex of the region as a whole the cooperation of the market participants is required.  "Without consolidation of efforts further effective work of the industry is possible neither in the sphere of wood production, nor in utilization of wastes of wood processing, - stated the vice-governor Andrey Knorr. - Each company within six months must submit a plan or a scheme of waste treatment, which will be an indispensable condition for opening of new timber production facilities."

The group participants noted that many of the issues raised in relation with the development of Asinovsky forestry industrial park at the previous meetings are solved.  In particular, the volumes of shipments are increased: while in 2015 the railway station in Asino shipped 60% of the products of the forestry industrial park, in 2016-th it is already 96%. The talks are being held with the Federal State-Funded Institution "Administration of the Ob basin of inland waters" of Rosmorrechflot on the preparation of the navigable waterway along the river of Chulym in order to provide the water transportation.  The necessary documents will be submitted to the Ministry of Transport of Russia before August 1. The potential volume of the floating on this plot according to the calculation of CJSC "Roskitinvest" will come to 500 thousand cubic meters per year.

Another step in the development of the park transport infrastructure will be the reconstruction of the road Kamaevka - Asino - Pervomayskoye, on construction of which 500 million rubles were allocated from the federal budget in 2016. Moreover, by the heating season of 2017-2018 gas will be brought to the Asinovsky forestry industrial park: The project for the construction of the main gas pipeline to the town of Asino is now being prepared.


Source: Administration of the Tomsk region
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