Shandong Province offered the Tomsk region to expand cooperation in agriculture


The region was visited by the official Shandong Province (China) delegation, which consisted of the Deputy Head of the Province Agricultural Department Zhuang Wenzhung, the representatives of the Foreign Economic Cooperation Center and Agricultural University.

As part of the talks and meetings, the parties discussed new areas of cooperation in the field of agriculture. Recall that since 2008 the agreement on partnering with the province of Shandong is in force in the Tomsk region. In particular it resulted in signing a memorandum aimed at implementation of a number of large investment projects between the administration of the region and OJSC "Chinese-Russian Company for the development of agriculture" in 2015.

In 2016, Chinese investors directed RUR 130 million to the development of the agricultural sector: agricultural equipment was purchased, the works on disturbing the areas and putting the unused agricultural lands into circulation were conducted, and the parties are ready today to expand cooperation.

"Our colleagues have gained extensive experience in the management and maintenance, including scientific, of large-scale commercial dairy farms, - said the head of the department for the village socio-economic development of the Tomsk region Irina Cherdantseva. - It is important for us to adopt these practices, since the formation of a milk cluster is still a priority for the region."
In addition, the Chinese party is interested in cooperation with the Tomsk region in the field of forage conservation, greenhouse vegetable growing and seed production, the organization of the international students and scientists’ exchange. In the food sector, China is studying the possibilities of importing the Tomsk dairy products, which proved to be natural and of high quality.

For reference
Shandong Province is the flagship of agriculture in China, the third largest in terms of the agricultural production. More than 10 cattle farms with the animal stock population of more than 30 thousand are on the territory of the province. The average livestock population of the farms is 10-15 thousand animals of cattle. The production of high-quality "black" pork, grain, cotton, vegetables and seafood has been developed. Large research centers, accompanying the agro-industrial industry, are located in 18 cities. 4 branch Universities and Agricultural Academy provide support for the agricultural science.

Source: Administration of the Tomsk region
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