Chipboard production plant was opened in Tomsk


On November 1, the Governor of Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin, the State Secretary - the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Viktor Evtukhov and the head of the "Tomlesdrev" company Anton Nachkebia commissioned the chipboard production plant of "Tomlesdrev" in Tomsk.

The investor supported by Sberbank of Russia has invested RUR 6.2 billion into the construction of a new production of the annual design capacity of 350 thousand cubic meters of the finished products. This project being implemented since 2013 was included into the federal list of priority investment projects in the sphere of forest development by the order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. At the opening of the chipboard production plant the head of the region noted that on that day a new chapter in the development of the Tomsk region was opened. "In the Tomsk region we pay great attention to the efficient development of our natural resources, first in Russia we set up a cluster of renewable natural resources, - said the governor of Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin. — We are gradually developing our forestry.

We strengthened the system of forest protection which proved well in the previous very complicated fire season. We solve the problem of "black" lumberjacks, and today it is more profitable to be an honest logging operator than to hide in the shadow economy. And we open up new high-tech production facilities, whose products have a high added value, which is in demand in Russia and abroad." The head of the region noted that the new production together with the development of procurement capacity will allow creating about a thousand new jobs. "I am encouraged by the fact that after reaching break-even point, the new plant will annually bring a quarter of billion of rubles of tax payments to the region's budget", - emphasized Sergey Zhvachkin, having thanked the management of the enterprise for the work, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation - for the attention to the Tomsk project. The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Viktor Evtukhov noted that the new plant is important not only for the region but for the entire forest industry of Russia. "This project meets the four main objectives of the timber processing complex: the high proportion in the gross regional product, the successful entry of domestic products to foreign markets, the increase in value added per unit of harvested wood and, of course, effective forest management", - said the deputy minister. Sergey Zhvachkin, Victor Evtukhov and the chairman of the board of directors of "Tomlesdrev" LLC Anton Nachkebia left their autographs on the first sheet of chipboard produced by the plant. Then Anton Nachkebia demonstrated a new process line to head of the region and the Deputy Minister. The chipboard production plant is equipped with the machinery of the best world producers of the woodworking equipment: German companies "Dieffenbacher", "Pallmann", "Vemhener", and "Fitz."

Summing up the results of the visit to "Tomlesdrev" the Deputy Minister Viktor Evtukhov called the new chipboard plant as a "beautiful modern enterprise," and the Governor Sergei Zhvachkin said that there would be many of such enterprises in the Tomsk region. "Thats because we have ambitious plans: the production is being developed by "Tomlesdrev", Asinovsky forestry industrial park, and other enterprises", - said the head of the region. The Deputy Governor, the deputies of the Legislative Duma of Tomsk Region, a member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia, Vladimir Kravchenko, the chief federal inspector in the Tomsk Region Vladimir Sirchuk and others took part in the ceremony of opening the new plant. For reference: "Tomlesdrev" LLC is a complex wood processing enterprise in the Tomsk region, one of the largest manufacturers of laminated chipboard in the Siberian Federal District. The enterprise structure includes the plants for the production of chipboard (main production located in Tomsk, including a new plant), timber procurement enterprise "Chichkayulsky FIH" and "Chulymles" LLC performing wood severing, production and drying of sawn timber. With the launch of the new chipboard plant the chipboard production volume at "Tomlesdrev" will make 610 thousand cubic meters per year (including the laminated one - 560 thousand), and the annual sales volume - RUR 3 billion.

Source: Administration of the Tomsk region
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