The experts of the Russian Geographical society praised the opportunities for the development of domestic tourism in Siberia


The retreat session of the Russian Geographical Society commission, dedicated to the prospects of development of domestic and incoming tourism in the Siberian regions, took place on September 9 in Tomsk region.

It was attended by the honorary president of the Russian Geographical Society (RGS), the Academician of the RAS Vladimir Kotlyakov, deputy governor of the Tomsk region Andrey Knorr, the chairman of the Tomsk branch of the Russian Geographical Society, Rector of Tbilisi Scientific and Research State University Eduard Galazhinsky. "Siberia is extremely interesting from the tourism point of view: Tomsk is attractive as a cultural and educational center, and there is quite unique nature there. The combination of nature and the great development prospects is a feature of Siberian regions. If the interests of government and business match, the flow of tourists here will be huge", - said Vladimir Kotlyakov.

The representatives of the 12 regions gathered together at the meeting organized by the Russian Geographic Society in Tomsk in order to find the forms of cooperation beneficial for all in the sphere of domestic tourism. One of them could be the creation of a tourist route that unites the entire territory of Siberia. "We need not only to tie our opportunities, the tourism potential: recreational, historical, but also to solve infrastructure issues in co-operation with neighboring regions. There are long distances between us; they are more difficult to overcome that in the European part of Russia. However, there is such an experience, and we need to study it", - said Andrey Knorr.

The role of the integrator of the processes of development of the internal tourism in Siberia, according to the chairman of the Tomsk branch of the Russian Geographical Society, Rector of the scientific and research Tbilisi State University Eduard Galazhinsky, can taken over by the Russian Geographical Society, originally aimed at studying and knowing their country. "The objective of today's meeting is to meaningfully combine the idea and logistics. When there is a philosophy, it is easier to build infrastructure,"- said Edward Galazhinsky.


Source: Administration of the Tomsk region
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