The first resident of the Tomsk industrial park started the construction of the production facilities


"The horizontal job-site layout was made, the road was filled, the foundation was prepared and the materials for the construction of the building, pre-fabricated steel constructions, were purchased. According to the project, it will take about 700 square meters; it is the first stage of construction", - said the head of the "Organic soy product" company Vitaly Justus. The new building will house the existing production and additional equipment required to increase processing volumes from 30 up to 40-50 tons per month. The volume of investments will reach RUR 15 million.

Let us recall, the "Organic soy product" company, which became the first resident of the Tomsk industrial park, produces protein products based on soya under the brand "YaSO" - soy milk, curd (tofu), okara and others. The geography of deliveries includes all regions of Russia and the CIS countries. The products are sold by both small specialty shops of dietary trends and major retailers - "Auchan", "Magnet", "Lenta", "Lama", "Giperglobus", "Atak" and others. Having received about 1 hectare of land on the territory of industrial park for rent still the company occupies only about one thousand square meters. But in the future on the remaining area the company plans to launch the logistics center, build additional blocks for the launch of new production chains.

According to the head of the investments department of Tomsk region Alexander Fedchenko, the construction of the second - "Severny" - site of the Tomsk industrial park is planned to be completed by the end of the year. 8 "The development of the industrial park infrastructure ranks among the priority measures of the "INO Tomsk" concept". The regional budget allocated about RUR 7 million to this article in 2016, and RUR 144 million were received by the region in the form of state support from the Federation. Those funds are enough to complete all the infrastructure facilities of the industrial park in due time", - emphasized Alexander Fedchenko.

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