Rating: Tomsk Entered the Top-500 Most Innovative Cities of the World


The annual rating is regularly compiled by analysts of the innovative agency 2thinknow (Australia) since 2007. In total, experts estimate 1540 cities of the world by 162 indicators, including such as cultural assets, infrastructure for people and business and the opportunities of markets.

In 2017 Tomsk scored 31 out of 60 possible points and took the 444th place, surpassed six Russian cities: Barnaul (446th place), Orenburg (448), Izhevsk (454), Togliatti (455), Sevastopol (487) and Simferopol (492).

In total, 20 Russian cities were included in the rating. As the most innovative are recognized Moscow (the 43rd place), St. Petersburg (75) and Kazan (339).

Tomsk also outstripped the capitals of Belarus (Minsk, the 465tg place) and Kazakhstan (Astana, 472), bypassed the capitals of Cuba (Havana, 495) and Venezuela (Caracas, 459).

The first line of the rating was taken by London (Great Britain), on the second place is New York (USA), on the third – Tokyo (Japan). Top-500 was rounded out by city of Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo).

Source: RIA Tomsk
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