In Industrial park Tomsk about 85 hectares are ready to locate production of new residents


In 2016, the objects of transport and engineering infrastructure of Berezovaya site were fully put into operation. In the first quarter of this year Severnaya site is planned to put into operation.

Also in 2017, technological connection of Severnaya site to engineering infrastructure networks will be ensured.

In the region prepared a good offer with 2 free sites with ready-made engineering infrastructure, facilities for connecting to electricity networks and other communications for small and medium-sized businesses. 69.3 hectares are ready to locate production of residents on the Severnaya site, 15 hectares - on the Berezovaya site.

On Severnaya site the rental rate for plots of land is set at 13 rubles per 1 square meter per year, on Berezovaya site - 16 rubles per 1 square meter per year, which is much lower than the market level.

The decision to assign the status of the resident of the Industrial park Tomsk was taken in relation to four small business entities: LLC Organic Soya Product, LLC ZagotProm and LLC Siberian Nut, which will be located on the Berezovaya site, and LLC Metallurg is planning to locate production at the Severnaya site. The total cost of the projects of these residents is more than 106 million rubles. At present, LLC Organic Soya Product has begun construction of production department with office and storage facilities.

Source: Administration of the Tomsk Region
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