Federation allocated 625 million rubles to Tomsk region for "Safe and quality roads"


In 2017 from the federal budget allocated 625 million rubles for the implementation of regional priority project "Safe and quality roads". In January, this year protection program for integrating development of Tomsk agglomeration transport infrastructure was successfully held in "Rosavtodor". Including federal, provincial and municipal funds 1.26 billion rubles will be spent on the implementation of its. Under the terms of the federal project, first of all funds should be spent for road repairs.

"As part of the program" Safety and quality of the road "in 2017 in the region to be repaired more than 30 streets and sections of Tomsk agglomeration roads with a total length more than 109 km. Also in 2017 is necessary to reduce the number of seats accident concentration from 15 to 11 ", - said Igor Shaturny, Deputy Governor of Tomsk region on Industrial Policy.

Federal project "Safe and quality roads" is aimed to improve roads to standard conditions in 34 agglomerations. The aim of the project is to improve roads to the standards of public roads within the territory of agglomeration: to the end of 2018 - up to 50% of the total length and to the end of 2025 - up to 85%. Quantity of concentration of accident place and accident cluster on the agglomeration roads should be reduced to the end of 2018 – up to 50%, to the end of 2025 – up to 85% compared to 2016 year.

Source: Administration of the Tomsk Region
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