Production of tungsten oxide of Tomsk Polytechnic University technology will appear in 2017


In 2016 on the basis of this technology JSC "Zakamensk",one of the leading enterprises in the Russian Federation for processing tungsten ore, began to produce ammonium paratungstate -from it produces tungsten oxide and tungsten metal.

"According to the tungsten project, we plan to create pilot production in 2017. The facility's performance will be 500 tons per year of tungsten oxide," said Alexander Dyachenko, vice-rector of the university for research and innovation.

He specified that the production is planned to be located on the site of the Tomsk Special Economic Zone (SEZ) or the territory of the advanced social and economic development (TOSER) "Yurga". 200 million rubles will be invested in its creation (in equal shares the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the industrial partner of JSC "Zakamensk").

The vice-rector noted that Tomsk production would be "the first Russian production for deep processing of tungsten raw materials to tungsten oxide." Products made of alloys with this metal are necessary, in particular, for the production of high-quality cutting tools, for example drills for the oil industry.

Russian Federation occupies the second place in the world in terms of tungsten reserves, second only to China. However, China is about 20 times ahead of Russia in terms of extraction rates and occupies more than 85% of the world market, while Russia - about 4-5%. In particular, alloys with tungsten make details of spacecraft engines, tank armor and artillery shells.

Source: RIA Tomsk
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