Tomsk companies will produce supplements from wild plants for Australia and Singapore


The new project was discussed at a working meeting in administration of the Tomsk region with participation of vice governors Andrey Knorr and Andrey Antonov.

The enterprises plan to organize in the territory of the region production of dietary supplements, functional and energy drinks on the basis of ingredients of taiga berries and wood coniferous greens under the brand Doctor V for the markets of Australia, Singapore and others countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

Tomsk region is concentrate on creation of special conditions for development of biotechnologies, processing of vegetable raw materials, and implementation a cluster approach to "nature economic".

"The region is in the lead on volumes of natural resources in Siberia, but uses no more than 10% of operational stocks. At the same time we almost don't sell raw materials for borders of the area, and we process it almost completely: from wild plants Tomsk companies produce about one thousand product names", – said deputy governor on agro-industrial policy and environmental management Andrey Knorr.

Realization of a project will make by the leading processers of wild raw materials:  Solagran Son – the first processor in the world of unique ingredients of wood coniferous greens in industrial volume; ArtLife is Russian leader in production of of dietary supplements, and TPC SAVA – the leader in processing of berries in Tomsk region and Siberian Federal District.

Companies have best practices of cooperation: in co-operative Solagran Son and ArtLife produces biologically active supplements PinePure, and also biologically active supplements and creams Oleopren. In cooperation with TPC SAVA the company Solagran Son produces functional and energy drinks with cell fluid of fir tree.

Under the brand Doctor V companies plan to produce a line of energy drinks and biologically active supplements.

"We believe by a great piece of luck, that our products will make from high quality wild plants", - noticed general director of Doctor V Pty Ltd company Christie Kimberly Cordelia Holden.

It is noted that before choosing partners, the Australian company conducted a big research of the market. "The majority of pharmaceutical medicines doesn't work at the market, but here, in the Tomsk region, we have seen products which have a real effect", – said the marketing director of the Doctor V Pty Ltd company Joseph John McGlennon.

Source: Administration of the Tomsk Region
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