Tomsk Governor Discusses Innovation Cooperation With Dutch Experts


The Governor of the Tomsk Oblast, Sergey Zhvachkin, opened a meeting of the working group on innovations of the mixed commission on economic cooperation between Russia and the Netherlands.

"Such an impressive embassy entry was the first one in the history of both Russia and the Russian representation of the European Union. This means that the Tomsk Oblast has much to learn. And we are borrowing the best experience in the economy uninterruptedly as well. We’re borrowing the best in terms of attracting investments, social sphere, improving the urban environment and, of course, developing technologies," the Governor of the Tomsk Oblast Sergey Zhvachkin, opening the meeting of the Russian-Dutch working group.

Speaking about the model of support and development of high-tech business, the Tomsk Governor called the first and one of the top special economic zones of the technology-innovative type in Russia, as well as the SMART Technologies innovation cluster, in which project alliances exist, bringing together innovative business, universities, and fundamental scientific centers.

"Cluster members are actively exporting their products to Europe, including the Netherlands. For example, the Enbisys Tomsk company has created a digital platform that is used by many Dutch schools. In general, Tomsk developers are strong not only in IT-technologies but also in new materials, in pharmaceuticals, in instrumentation, in medical instrumentation, and in many other areas. But I see the potential of our cooperation not only in this," said Sergey Zhvachkin.

The head of the region recalled that this year a dairy farm was working at full capacity in the Asinovsky district. The agrarians purchased 800 heads of dairy herds and technological equipment in Holland, and today this livestock complex is the only robotic one outside the Urals.

"There are environmentally friendly products, which have retained the natural properties of wild berries, nuts, and medicinal herbs, are in high demand all over the world, - said Sergey Zhvachkin. He has drawn the attention of the audience to Tomsk’s experience in deep processing of wild-growing raw materials. - We produce such products in the Tomsk Oblast at once in several innovative enterprises that work closely with universities. Tomsk cedar milk, roasting, natural juices have long been found in supermarkets in some European countries, and Asian too. We supply these products to more than 40 countries. And we are ready to expand the volume and range of supplies and we are interested in new trading and industrial partners, in foreign investors".

Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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