Work on the Tomsk Polymetallic Ores Manifestation Site Begins


A project for developing the Turuntayevsky manifestation of polymetallic ores has been launched.

Turuntaevskoe ore occurrence is located near the village Turuntaevo in 65 km from Tomsk. It is licensed to use the subsoil with a target for the search and evaluation of mineral deposits (zinc).

For five years, the license holder (TISK group of companies) plans to conduct geological exploration in order to protect reserves and start mining zinc and polymetallic ores and, possibly, processing. It is called enrichment in mining terminology.

According to the data obtained from the license holder's representative, there are not that many similar sites in the world. Usually lead is used as an accompanying metal, and its content in the Turuntaevo ore occurrence is insignificant. There are silver and cadmium too, a little less platinum and gold. The zinc content in the ore in some places exceeds 20% - its preliminary reserves are estimated at more than 700 thousand tons. Associated rare and precious metals are still about 70 thousand tons, and this is despite the fact that reserves were estimated only to a depth of 500 meters, and this is not the limit. As a result, it is planned to obtain a deposit with reserves of about 1 million tons of polymetals.

The volume of investments is estimated at around 3 billion rubles, about 200 million of which at the initial stage. The first stage involves the exploration of the development of technology for future production. Then, a deposit and a polymetallic ore beneficiation plant will be created.

Over the past ten years, the TISK group of companies in the Tomsk Oblast has successfully implemented three projects for the mineral resources extraction.

Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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