Over 50 Investment Projects Implemented in the Tomsk Region in 2018


The first stage of a large-scale investment project for the development of the ilmenite-zirconium mines and the construction of the mining and processing plant AO "Tuganskiy Gorno-Obogatitelnyy Kombinat "Ilmenit" was one of the most significant events in the investment area last year.

According to Yuri Gurdin, the Deputy Governor of the Tomsk Region on investment policy and property relationship, the Rostech State Corporation and the "IZURIUM Capital" fund are the co-investors of the project. The project will be implemented in two stages. The first stage includes construction of the mining lines for concentrates and quartz sand with a capacity of 575 thousand tons per year. Eventually, the production will increase to 2.3 million tons per year. The total amount of the investment is estimated at 9 billion rubles. The expected start date is the fourth quarter of 2020.

"The project has received considerable support from the Tomsk Region Administration. The investor receives six land plots for rent without bidding. Moreover, we have an office for project coordination," said Yuri Gurdin.
Among the other significant events of last year, one should mention the launching of the industrial gases and compressed air production plant "Cryogenmash-Gaz", the completion of the construction of a plant that produces chemical reagents for drilling agents for "Reasib", the launch of a high-tech production of TEMZ-based electric drives and control valves. The high-tech production project for pharmaceutical gelatin production for capsules for the "Artlife" is under development. The launch is expected in the third quarter of 2019. The investments into the project will reach 800 million rubles.

"Proryv" Project of "Rosatom" State Corporation guided the construction of module fabrication and re-fabrication in the nuclear industry. The project for the production of pigmentary titanium dioxide and fluorine-containing products from recycled man-made raw materials of the "Siberian Chemical Combine" was under preparation in 2018.

Over 20 investment projects were implemented in the agro-industrial complex of the Tomsk region, including the farms "Sibirskoe Moloko" , "Spas", "Mazalovskaya Ferma", APK "Pervomaysky", "Agro" and others.
The fish processing plants in the Aleksandrovsky and Tomsk districts, a slaughterhouse and primary meat processing of the "Siberian Agrarian Group", the "Mezheninovskaya Ptitsefabrika"rapeseed processing plant was constructed. A new "Elke Auto" Hyundai dealership opened in the consumer sector.

"The total investment volume into the economy of the Tomsk region according to the results of last year is expected to be about 90 billion rubles. Despite the factors limiting the investment business activity we still believe the investments will increase in 2019," - emphasised Yuri Gurdin.

Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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