7 Billion Rubles to Be Spent on the National Projects in the Tomsk Region in 2019


Tomsk region developed 55 regional projects as part of bigger 12 national projects approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Andrei Antonov, the Deputy Governor of the Tomsk Region for the Economy, reported that about 7 billion rubles are allocated for the implementation of national projects in the Tomsk Region in 2019. The federal budget will co-finance about 5 billion rubles.

"Russian President set a mission to make a scientific and technical breakthrough and significantly improve the social and economic development of the country by the year 2024. For this reason, 12 national projects have been established. The achievement of national goals will be carried out on the principles of project management. The Governor, Sergey Zhvachkin, appointed his deputies in charge of improving the indicators of national projects in the region," - said Andrei Antonov.

The federal government will invest into the construction of large social facilities in the Tomsk Region including the surgery building of the regional oncology hospital, a school for 1,100 students in Tomsk, one village school, five kindergartens, new building for the Itatsky orphanage to accommodate 100 kids, several sports facilities, centralized water supply facilities and others.

Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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