The Discussion of Production Specialization of the Tomsk Region


A three-day strategic session “Production Specialization of Tomsk Region 2035” was held in the Tomsk Region. By the invitation of the head of the region, the session was attended by Peter Shchedrovitsky, board member of the Center for Strategic Research “North-West” Foundation, deputy governors, rectors of Tomsk universities, and heads of high-tech enterprises in the region.

During the opening of the strategic session, Sergey Zhvachkin noted, “It is very important to determine the vector of development of our region and make the right choice. Together with the team, we are constantly working on the strategy of the Tomsk Region, directing the available resources in the right direction

The governor specified at the strategic session that he was against equalization and for the specialization of the regions. "Russia is a huge country. Some regions are strong in technology, others in agriculture, and for others, tourism is the growth point. Strengths must be pressed, Sergey Zhvachkin convinced.

“Our Tomsk region differs from others by universities and high-tech enterprises. What tools will allow us to strengthen these positions? Certainly, the President’s national projects, and mainly the “Science” national project, where we seeking to take the status of a world-class scientific and educational complex, ”the head of the region emphasized.

“There are three main conclusions that we have made at, commented Andrey Antonov, Deputy Governor of the Tomsk Region for Economics. - First of all, we need to draw up a package of products that are significant on a national and global scale and deploy the appropriate infrastructure for their production.

Secondly, we have a common understanding that entering the market is possible only through cooperation. And finally, we are united in the fact that today we need communities, not industries. ” According to him, the next step will be the preparation of projects for scaling up entrepreneurial cooperation and the adoption of federal decisions.

Source: Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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