The Governor of Tomsk Oblast and the Head of SIBUR Signed a Cooperation Agreement


The Governor of Tomsk Oblast Sergey Zhvachkin and the Head of the Board of PAO SIBUR Holding Dmitry Konov signed a cooperation agreement for 2019-2021.

With the support of SIBUR,17 social projects are going to be implemented in Tomsk Oblast by the end of 2019, including in the field of science and education. In particular, the company will allocate funds for the purchase of laboratory equipment and equipment for 3D modeling and prototyping.

“Tomsk Oblast and the largest petrochemical company in Russia have been collaborating successfully for a long time. SIBUR is one of the strategic partners of our region, said the governor of Tomsk Oblast Sergey Zhvachkin. “We are united by the desire to develop a high-tech innovative business, to integrate the potential of science and production in order to win our place in the sun in the new technological revolution. As the head of the region, I am glad that when solving global business problems, the company does not forget about the interests of the people, making their lives more comfortable and happier” .

“Since the launch of the Formula for Good Deeds program, more than 50 social projects have been implemented in the region. All of them are interesting and bright, primarily because they are aimed at uniting people around universal values and stimulating positive changes”, said Dmitry Konov, the Head of the Board of PAO SIBUR Holding.

As part of the implementation of the Strategy for the Scientific and Technological Development of Russia, Sergey Zhvachkin and Dmitry Konov agreed to strengthen cooperation in the work of the cross-industrial center for joint technological developments of Tomsk Oblast.

Source: Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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