The Investment Infrastructure of the Tomsk Region Was Presented at The Federation Council


On October 22-23, 2019, within the framework of the Days of the Tomsk Region, the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation held a showcase of the Tomsk Region.

During the showcase, Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, senators and other participants of the event visited the exposition dedicated to the investment infrastructure of the region, which presented the advantages of implementing investment and innovative projects in the special economic zone of Tomsk, the industrial park"Tomsk" and the territory of the leading socio-economic development "Seversk".

Yury Gurdin, Deputy Governor of the Tomsk Region for Investment Policy and Property Relations, and Anna Porovskaya, Head of the Tomsk Region Investment Department presented the region’s investment potential.

Stanislav Yashchuk, Chairman of the highest collegial body of the "TomskInvestService" Fund presented as an infrastructure the project of integrated development of the inner city territory "Tomsk Embankments".

In addition, the expositions reflecting the development potential of the scientific and educational complex, timber industry, organic farming and meat cooperatives, the implementation of projects to create 5G communication networks, the introduction of smart clinic technologies (the Digital Hospital project) presented the achievements of the Tomsk region. A number of projects related to the development of technical vision, including the Taiga project, unmanned combine harvester and the Technical Vision alliance projects. Tomsk industrial company "SAVA", "Artlife", "Solagift", "Kakheti" and other key producers of the region made an exposition of food products from wild-growing raw materials.

During the plenary session of the Federation Council at the "hour of the subject," Valentina Matvienko described the Tomsk Region exhibition as one of the best exhibitions.

Source: Tomsk Region Department for Investment
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