Tomsk Oblast Sent Proposals on Export Support to The Federation Council of The Russian Federation


The delegation from the Tomsk Oblast took part in the negotiations of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation on the implementation of the national project “International Cooperation and Export”.

Senator Vladimir Kravchenko and Deputy Head of the Department of International and Regional Relations Maksim Volkov made proposals at the meeting to support the export of strategically important sectors of the economy.

One of the main initiatives is the operational change in statistical indicators that affect the distribution of funding for national projects between regions.

Senator Vladimir Kravchenko addressed his colleagues with proposals for simplifying export mechanisms in the field of forestry and wild plant processing.

They also proposed to abolish licensing for the export of products for the deep processing of wild edible raw materials (pine nut kernel, Chaga extract, rosehip, coniferous herbs). Amendments must also be made to the Forest Code so that the population can harvest wild plants and herbs not only for their own needs.

In addition, the region will send an initiative to the Russian government to extend the tax exemption (VAT rate of up to 10%), applied in the sale of fruits and berries, to the collection and sale of wild mushrooms, fruits, food, and medicinal plants.

“The Tomsk Oblast has developed a systematic package of proposals that will help develop entire sectors of the economy, if supported,” said Vladimir Kravchenko.

Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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