A resident of the PSEDA “Seversk” has started to set up production of titanium dioxide on the territory of Siberian Chemical Combine


The resident of the PSEDA “Seversk” – LLC “Siberian titanium” is executing an investment project with the purpose of creating industrial pigment dioxide titanium production. 

Titanium dioxide pigment – is an important product for the paint and coating industry, as well as plastic and paper production.  The general demand for titanium dioxide in Russia reaches approximately 100 thousand tons per year. 

The technology, developed by LLC “Siberian titanium” is unique not only in Russia, but worldwide. Up to now there existed two methods of the production of titanium dioxide: sulphate and chlorine.  New fluoride technology now allows companies to create waste-free production with higher levels of environmental safety and power efficiency.  The creation of this new production technology by the company “Siberian titanium” answers the increasing demand by national industry within the program of import substitution.

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