Year 2020

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Tenth Resident of PSEDA “Seversk” to Engage in Repairs and Modernization of Complex Equipment

An enterprise for production, repairs and equipment assembly will be created in PSEDA “Seversk”


“Rosseti Tomsk” Invests More Than 660 mln Rubles into Development of Integrated Power Grid of Region

The “Rosseti Tomsk” company funneled 661.4 mln rubles into the investment program during  2020  


Amount of Investments into Residents of Tomsk Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Reaches 20 bln Rubles in 15 Years

December 21, 2005, the prime minister of Russia, Michael Fradkov, signed a resolution on creating a special economic zone of technology and innovation type in Tomsk


The Tomsk Region Governor and the Head of “Gazprom” Once Again Make an Agreement on Billion Ruble Investments into Regional Gas Infrastructure Expansion

The Tomsk Region governor Sergei Zhvachkin and the board chairman of PJSC “Gazprom” have signed the program of development of gas distribution and the regional gas infrastructure for the new five-year period – 2021-2025


An Onsite Meeting Conducted On the Territory Of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

E.V. Parshuto, deputy governor of the Tomsk Region in construction and infrastructure, conducted an onsite meeting on completing the construction of real estate objects for “Tomsk” technology and innovation SEZ


Experts Evaluate the Introduction Of Six Municipal Practices In Improving the Conditions For Business In Municipal Districts Of the Tomsk Region

During the meeting of the project office, expertise was conducted for the introduction of practices, aimed at improving the conditions for business and investment in Seversk Closed Administrative Territorial Unit 


Two New Residents Enter the Advanced Special Economic Zone “Seversk”

The new residents of ASEZ “Seversk” are manufacturing assembly enterprise Radian and SibRegionPromservice company


Tomsk Governor Talks About Regional Support For Technological Business At the Forum Of Agency For Strategic Initiatives

Sergei Zhvachkin, governor of the Tomsk Region participated in the meeting of the governors’ club during the forum of ASI “Strong ideas for the new times”


The Tomsk Region Developing Cooperation With PJSC Gazprom Neft

Within the framework of the roadmap “Expansion of utilization of high-tech products manufactured by enterprises in the Tomsk Region”, deputy governor of the Tomsk Region, Igor Shaturniy conducted an online meeting with representatives of PJSC Gazprom Neft


Experts Discuss the Strategy For Development Of the Special Economic Zone “Tomsk”

A business meeting of the Expert Council under the deputy governor of the Tomsk Region in economy Andrey Antonov took place in Tomsk Special Economic Zone

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