Microfinancing Fund of the Tomsk Region lowered the interest rate for business preferential loans


Microfinancing company “Microfinancing fund of the Tomsk Region” grants loans at a preferential rate to finance current operations, investment activities, as well as refinancing target specific loans.

A 2.25% annual interest rate is available for entrepreneurs who are active in the territory of the Tomsk Region monocity (Seversk) and who implement priority projects.  The same rate is available for social entrepreneurs, who implement priority projects and who are registered in the territory of the Tomsk Region.  Besides, it is offered for carrying out science-based projects, which have a current agreement for grant provisions from the Innovation Promotion Fund, Russian Venture Company or “Skolkovo” Fund.

Small and medium sized businesses from economic sectors, most affected by the coronavirus pandemic can receive a loan at 4.5% interest rate.

4.95% interest rate is offered to all other categories of entrepreneurs.

Preferential loans do not go above 5 mln. rubles, and will be granted for up to three years.  There is a possibility of the principal payment delay for up to six months.

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