Tomsk Center of Innovation Development Receives Status of Regional Operator for “Skolkovo”


Arkadiy Dvorkovich, the chairman of the “Skolkovo” fund, is in support of the suggestion of Sergey Zhvachkin, the Tomsk Region governor.  The Center of Innovation Development of the Tomsk Region will be the 14th regional operator of “Skolkovo”. 

Sergey Zhvachkin, the head of the Tomsk Region noted, in the course of an online meeting with the chairman of the “Skolkovo” fund, that support for technological companies for the Tomsk Region is priority number one, citing as an example the partnership with federal development institutions.  Indeed, it was in Tomsk that the Association of Innovational Regions of Russia was created, it was Tomsk that initiated many programs of the Fund for Innovation Support and it was Tomsk that engaged in the projects of the National Technological Initiative from its early days.

“The Tomsk Region has been partnering with “Skolkovo” for almost 10 years, since 2011.  Our joint work began from the first “Startup tour” competition, in which Tomsk innovation teams participated.  I want to particularly note, that Tomsk was the platform for the tour six times.  More than 130 of our innovators presented their projects and every fourth one of them received support”, Sergei Zhvachkin said.  He suggested that Arkadiy Dvorkovich conduct the next scheduled “Startup tour” in Tomsk next year. 

“Tomsk needs no less than 100 new startups every year for quality innovation development”, Sergey Zhvachkin emphasized.  “Such a flow needs to be generated and stimulated.  Therefore, we invite “Skolkovo” fund to give the regional operator status to the Center for innovation of the Tomsk Region.  The Center is comprised of 200 high tech companies, it cooperates closely with our special economic zone, as well as with academic science, and with six Tomsk universities, two of which have the status of national research universities, and one of which has the status of a basic university.  The Center for Innovation Development is the core of the regional innovation ecosystem.”

 Arkadiy Dvorkovich, the chairman of “Skolkovo” fund supported the suggestion of the Tomsk governor.  The Center for Innovation Development of the Tomsk Region will be the 14th regional operator of “Skolkovo”.  Twenty-two startups from the Tomsk Region are already participants of the fund’s project

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