The Volume of Preferential Loans Provided in the Tomsk Region Is Growing


In 2020 banks have extended 83 preferential loans worth 3.34 bln rubles at a rate of 5 percent interest to Tomsk agricultural producers.

55 of those loans were short term loans worth 2.68 bln. rubles and 28 were investment loans worth 654.3 mln. rubles.  For reference: for same period of 2019 agricultural producers received 58 loans worth 2.17 bln. rubles.

Farmers, agricultural enterprises and cooperatives directed the short-term loans in 2020 to buy planting materials, raw materials and POL.  Investment loans were spent on renewing agricultural equipment and machinery, as well as on building capital facilities.

Besides the opportunities of the state program, agricultural producers make use of other mechanisms of receiving soft loans.  Particularly, in 2020 the Microfinancing Fund of the Tomsk Region issued two preferential loans (at 4.5% interest) for realization of two investment projects in Asinovo and Bakchar counties.

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