“Rosseti Tomsk” Invests More Than 660 mln Rubles into Development of Integrated Power Grid of Region


An investment program of “Rosseti Tomsk” in 2020 allowed for commissioning production facilities – 6.4 MegaVolt-Ampere of transformer capacity and 78.8 km of power lines.

The priority project is the comprehensive modernization of the electrical substation “Airport”, which will electrify “Bogashevo” international airport and the nearby residential areas.

The utility connection for the industrial park, “Tomsk”, has been completed.  An electrical power supply has been installed in both sites – “Severnaya” and “Berezovaya”.  For that, the power engineers built cable lines with the overall length of 7 km, put in place 6 transformer substations with a total capacity of 7.7 MegaVolt-Ampere and a distributing point of 10 kilovolt.  The power capacity will be enough to provide reliable power supply for more than 20 consumers.  The total investments into the project amount to more than 77 mln. rubles.

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