The Tomsk Region Governor and the Head of “Gazprom” Once Again Make an Agreement on Billion Ruble Investments into Regional Gas Infrastructure Expansion


According to the program of development of gas distribution and regional gas infrastructure for the next five-year period – 2021-2025, the company will complete construction of a number of facilities for off-grid gas supply for residential areas, located at considerable distances from the main pipeline.

The company will build an inter settlement gas pipeline in Asino county and a connector gas pipeline from gas distribution plant (GRS)#2 in the regional center to a tie-in into the pipeline to the town of Mirny in the Tomsk county.  The gasworks engineers will conduct retrofitting and upgrading of “Chernorechensky” gas distribution plant.

This way, conditions for gas infrastructure development of towns in Asino county will be created, for increasing the gas supply for the current consumers and connecting new consumers in Tomsk and the Tomsk Region.

The regional government will provide for construction of inner-town gas pipelines, preparation for gas receival of 6.9 thousand houses, 46 boiler houses and enterprises.

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