An Onsite Meeting Conducted On the Territory Of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ)


In 2019 42 objects were handed over from the federal center to SEZ “Tomsk” for management, among them objects of electrical power supply, engineering, and transport infrastructure, as well as administrative buildings with an area of over 5 thousand square meters.

 Right now, Tomsk subcontractors are completing the construction of several objects.  Provision has been made to invest 1,78 bln rubles for these goals in 2020, as well as for the planning period of 2021-2022.

 On the northern site construction of an electrical supply network and a 16,5 MW substation, as well as an administrative building for the residents of the SEZ is being completed.

 On the southern construction site, Gorseti company has reached the final stage of building the electrical supply network and a 50 MW substation.  On top of that, the works on constructing a building for the power supply network department are coming to a close here.

 Vice governor visited the construction site for the future Expo center, installation of which resumed in October.  The plan is to put in service a two-floor building with an area of 6 thousand square meters before the end of 2021.  Territory, adjacent to the expo center will be used as an open-air exhibit area.

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