Joint Venture of Cognitive Technologies and Sberbank Opens production of Devices for Unmanned Vehicles in Tomsk


Cognitive Pilot, a joint venture of Cognitive Technologies and Sberbank, open production of devices for unmanned technologies in the sphere of agriculture and railroad at the premises of Tomsk University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics.

To recap, a year ago Cognitive Technologies company conducted the first tests of an unmanned harvester in the village of Karbyshevo in the Tomsk Region.  The new production will release a small series of computing units for unmanned farming machinery, new generation innovation radars, a complex of video cameras, and control units for unmanned locomotives in volumes up to a thousand units.  The company is set to achieve full-scale production next year, with the rate of tens of thousands of units of hi-technology products.

“The Tomsk Region is one of the five most innovational developed regions in Russia, - Sergei Zhvachkin, the governor, emphasized. – Our forte is, first of all, close cooperation of the universities, academical institutions, and hi-technology productions, and second of all – positioning innovation businesses towards demand, not offer.”

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