Advanced Special Economic Zone Tomsk Expands List Of Residents, With The Right To Income Tax Breaks


Draft bill on providing a regional income tax break for the residents of ASEZ Tomsk, which conducts not only technology and innovation activities, but also commercial and manufacturing activities, was passed on the 5th of august during a session of the Tomsk Region Legislative Duma.

The law will facilitate the attraction of new companies, which plan to realize projects on creating production plants of industrial goods on the territory of ASEZ.

A reduced income tax rate was established for the residents of ASEZ Tomsk, which is due to be paid to the regional budget:

- 5 % — for the first five tax periods from the date of receiving the first income from the activities conducted on the territory of ASEZ;

10 % — from the sixth through to the tenth tax period;

13.5 % — after ten tax periods (12.5 % in 2017-2024).

The possibility of conducting industrial production activities in ASEZ is allowed on the decision of the expert council according to the federal law of 22nd June 2005 # 116-FZ «On special economic zones in the Russian Federation».  Besides that, this law attaches the right of the resident to conduct other types of activities, with regards to which, tax cuts and the procedure of duty free zone are not applied, on condition of complying with the terms, established by the federal law.

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