Three Tomsk Companies Become Best Siberian Exporters


Sixteen companies from Tomsk submitted their forms for participation in the contest.  “Eco-fabrika Sibirskiy Kedr” won in the category of “Exporter of the year in the sphere of agro-industrial complex”, “Universalniy Terminal Systemy” won Exporter of the year in the sphere of high-tech solutions, and OOO Rubius group took first place in two categories – Exporter of the year in the sphere of services and Breakthrough of the year.

 Thanks to the systematic support of innovation entrepreneurship and measures to promote companies in foreign markets, the number of exporting companies has been steadily growing in the Tomsk region.  In 2020 the number of exporters grew by 12 per cent, which means that 462 Tomsk companies delivered their goods abroad.  In addition, 436 of them are small and medium sized businesses, and that is the category of business which covers two thirds of all export from the Tomsk Region.

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