Electric Power Supply Objects Commissioned For Operation In ASEZ Tomsk


On the southern site of the special economic zone, Tomsk the second start-up facility of in site power network has been commissioned, which consists of 16 objects.  Among them are six distribution substations, nine electrical substations, and 25 meters of cable network of electric power supply of 10 kW.

Commissioning these objects will allow each resident to receive a land lot for building their own object with an electrical network connection point.

Employees of residents Stels, NIOST, ReaSib, Foton, and STI TDSK have already been working in their own buildings since the beginning of 2021.  Two more companies defended their projects at the expert council of the Special economic zone and are ready to construct their own buildings.

After all the objects of the electrical power network have been commissioned (including the main transformer plant), the consumers will be switched from the temporary power layout to the permanent layout.

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