The Government Allocates More Than Eight Million Rubles In Additional Funds For Tomsk Region To Develop The Road Infrastructure


The Tomsk Region in 2022-2023 will additionally receive 839.1 mln rubles from the federal center.  The order for distribution of regional budget assignations was signed earlier by the Prime minister of the Russian Federation Mihail Mishustin.

Additional financing can be used for constructing and repairing regional, inter-municipal and local roads.

Increasing the volumes of road construction is due to, among other things, the high estimate of the national project “Safe high-quality roads” by the citizens.

For six years the regional project “Roads” has been implemented along with the national project, each year half a billion rubles have been directed from the regional budget towards repairing local roads.

In 2021 the Tomsk Region received additional 890 mln rubles from the federal center.  48.7 kilometers of roads have been restored into the normative state due to the additionally allocated funds for the national project Safe and High-quality roads: three sections of street and road network of Tomsk and two sections of regional highways.

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