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“TopMEdia” Сompany Becomes New Resident of SEZ “Tomsk”

“TopMedia” is realizing a project in the informational support sphere for passengers in public transport


Interest of Businesses Towards Land Lots in SEZ “Tomsk” Grows

The recent activity of potential residents of the special economic zone “Tomsk” is contingent on the infrastructure of the Southern site being in the lock-up stage.


Production of Polymers From Solid Waste To Launch In Industrial Park “Tomsk”

“ECK Utilizatsiya” company receives status of a resident in industrial park “Tomsk”


New Resident of Priority Social and Economic Development Area (PSEDA) “Seversk” to Broaden the Range of Thermal Insulation Materials.

 “Tomplast-LTD” company is planning to master production of new type of slabs from Styrofoam

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