Finnish Company Ponsse Opens Service Center In Tomsk Region


In November a Ponsse service center opened near Zorkaltsevo village in the Tomsk Region, which is the third one in Russia and the first one on this side of the Urals.  It will sell and repair harvesting and logging equipment on the territory of the Urals, Siberia, and the Far East.

Investments into this center in Tomsk amounted to about 2 mln euros.

The timber industry in the Tomsk Region is one of the economic drivers in the region and it is actively developing.  High-level processing enterprises are created in the region, the project of creating a forest seed center for 12 mln seedlings a year is proceeding to completion.  Opening a Ponsse company service center, the company, which is successfully working in forty countries in the world, is the next step in developing the industry.

The Finnish company decided to open the first service center this side of the Urals in the Tomsk Region based on multiple requests from businesses.  170 Ponsse machines and 23 harvesters on excavators are working in the Tomsk Region today.  The share of the company in the total volume of harvesting and logging equipment, in use in the region is 55 per cent.  Around 80 percent of all timber cut-to-length machinery is of the Finnish manufacturer.

Another advantage of the Finnish center is that it will not only sell and service the machines but will also train workers and specialists on its own training grounds.

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