Theory And Practice Of Realizing Projects In PSEDA Seversk


As the deputy general director of AO Atom-TOR, Irina Bogdanova, explained, residents of PSEDA can already use the preferential rent of real estate and acquire such estate without tenders.  The process was simplified after AO Atom-TOR created a subsidiary affiliated company AO Atom-TOR-Seversk.  As of today, 75 real estate objects have been transferred into municipal ownership.  This property is then given to the residents for sublease.

Tax breaks and other preferences allow to decrease the terms of return on investment by a year, TVEL fuel company’s head of interaction with government authorities, Leila Dzhavadova, reminded.  This is the reason the lots of the PSEDA became attractive for industrial projects.

The technical director of OOO MK-Polymer, Anton Denisenko informed, that as of today the rent rate is more than competitive – 25 rubles per square meter.  OOO MK-Polymer received the status of resident in March of 2020.  As of today, a substation has been built and heating installed.  Soft term financing was provided to the company by the Microfinancing fund of Seversk city.  The loan has been already paid off.

In his turn, the general director of OOO RG – Zapadnaya Sibir, the new resident of PSEDA Seversk, Nadezhda Gavrilova, named special tax treatments and the presence of a managing company, as well as optimal location from the point of view of the distribution of transport flows and the possibility of connecting to the necessary energy resources among the factors, which influenced the launch of projects on the site of PSEDA in Seversk.

Today 14 residents realize their projects on the sites of the preferential zone in Seversk.  By now, 285 jobs have been created, and in fact, more than 660 mln rubles have been invested into these investment projects.  Cooperation chains are already developing among the acting enterprises.  For example, SibRegionPromservice company provides help to other residents in the maintenance of crane fleet.  VAB-70 enterprise produces custom equipment for such companies as TomskAzot and Severskkabel.

The fact that in 2.5 years of existence, the area of the PSEDA increased from 135 hectares to 680 hectares also attests to the fact of increased demand for this investment site among residents.

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