New Milk Farm Starts Production In Voronovo Village


Tomsk Region Governor, Sergei Zhvachkin, opened the newly modernized cattle-breeding dairy unit for 700 cattle in the village of Voronovo, Kozhevnikovo county.

The new milk farm belongs to one of the largest establishments in the region – OOO Voronovskoye, which specializes in cattle breeding and crop farming.  As of today, the establishment holds almost one and a half thousand cattle.


Annually, Voronovskoye grows its production volumes (almost four thousand tons of milk for the last year), as well as productivity (6 850 kilograms per cow).

The head of the region mentioned at the opening, that the development of beef and milk farming are priority directions for agriculture in the Tomsk Region.


“We help the agricultural workers build new farms, renew their livestock, purchase machinery, grow and stock up fodder for cows – emphasized the Tomsk Region governor, Sergei Zhvachkin. – By fixing roads, fixing up parks and public gardens, building “electronic wells” we change the face of cities and villages.  And the business changes the culture of production, the new farm in Voronovo being the attestation to this fact.”

OOO Voronovskoye invested 426 mln rubles into the new complex project, more than half of which are subsidized loans, as well as state aid of more than 20 mln rubles.

The director of the establishment Valery Vilt demonstrated the infrastructure of the new livestock breeding unit to the head of the region.

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