Tomsk Region One Of The First In Russian Federation To Integrate Regional Business Support Measures With Single Federal Platform


Service has been active in the region since 2020, where acting regional and federal measures of support for small and medium-sized businesses have accumulated.

The installation of the Tomsk Region digital development platform, called “Marketplace of support measures”, will be integrated with the federal digital platforms of small and medium-sized businesses.

In the year 2021, MSP corporation started developing a unified federal platform where all the acting in Russia instruments of business support will be gathered within the framework of the national project “Small and medium sized entrepreneurship and support of individual entrepreneurial initiative”. 


The Tomsk Region became the pilot member of the Russian Federation, whose regional support measures will be integrated into the federal platform.  Linking the regional infrastructure of the support measures for small and medium-sized businesses will help increase their accessibility for entrepreneurs. 


Currently on the service, subjects of small and medium-sized businesses within the Tomsk Region can apply for receiving regional and federal support measures remotely.

Starting in 2022 on the regional platform the whole sector of business support measures will be accumulated, including municipal and sector-specific measures.  This way, after the launch of the federal platform, it will represent the whole list of instruments, which can be used by Tomsk subjects of small and medium-sized businesses.  For many businesses, it means the opportunity of applying for different support measures in one resource.

Profiles of regional organizations will also be integrated into the federal platform of business support infrastructure.

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