Tomsk Governor Presents Student Campus Project During VEB.RF Strategic Session


The government corporation VEB.RF held a strategic online session “Image of the future campus. Team building”, where the project of the Tomsk student campus was presented.

The participants of the session looked at foreign examples of creating and managing university campuses, evaluated modern architectural and planning solutions, discussed issues of cooperation of educational and scientific management, social and economic effects of the project, as well as the possible risks for the concessor and the concessionaire and the ways to minimize them.

The Tomsk Region team, which included governor deputies Andrey Antonov, Ludmila Ogorodova, Evgeniy Parshuto, and TSU rector Eduard Galazhinsky, presented the project of Tomsk interuniversity campus during the strategic session, which project is created based on the principles of partnership between private investors and the government.  The campus will hold, among other things, a hotel for ten thousand places, a multifunctional education center, and a sports and recreation center.

“The interuniversity campus, which we will build with the support of the government of Russia will also become an infrastructure instrument of the project “The Big University of Tomsk”, as well as the driver of innovational development of the region, - the Tomsk Region governor, Sergey Zhvachkin, emphasized. – Because the campus is not only a place of residence for foreign and out-of-town students and interdisciplinary labs.  It is a new philosophy of interaction of university and academic science with the real economy sector, synthesis of established schools of science and fresh ideas, it is a new modern student town, integrated with Tomsk and open for all its citizens”.

The following contributors took part in the strategic session: vice prime minister of the Russian government, Dmitriy Chernishenko, minister of science and higher education of the RF Valeriy Falkov, minister of development of Far East and the Arctic, Alexey Chekunkov, representatives of Minstroy, Minfin, VEB.RF, heads of the regions, where projects of creating campuses will be realized.

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