New Special Economic Zone Tomsk Resident To Build Eight Thousand Square Meters Production Facility


OOO ProKvanT, created in 2021 based on the standalone entity of AO InfoTeKS, which is a SEZ Tomsk resident, is planning to build a research and manufacturing complex of 8000 square meters on the southern site of SEZ Tomsk.  It will be the largest object built there with private investments.

The complex is designed for trial and small size production of hardware and software data protection systems, primarily complexes of quantum key distribution.  Initial investments will be directed towards building the complex itself and purchasing the technological equipment.

InfoTeKS is a domestic developer and manufacturer of high-grade technology software and hardware-and-software means of data protection.  The central office of the company is located in Moscow, with local offices open in Saint Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Penza.  The in-house trial and serial production of hardware and software complexes are concentrated in Tomsk.

The project realization will allow the company to concentrate the key competencies in the area of developing and testing hardware in its facilities, which will ease the transition towards creating hardware platforms based on domestic hardware components and will minimize dependency on contractual agreements.

“In 2019 we opened an experimental production in Tomsk.  Right now, it is at 100% capacity, which is exactly why we made the decision to invest in constructing a new experimental production facility.  This project will allow us to not only increase the volume of production of hardware and software complexes, but will also allot the capabilities for experimental production, necessary for development of our products, including the quantum cryptographic system, which holds the future – the general director of InfoTeKS company, Andrey Chapchaev noted. – We did not choose Tomsk by accident.  First, this is where a big development team is located, and second, we have been fruitfully collaborating with TUSUR for a long time.  We jointly realize internship programs for university students, who often continue to further build their careers in our company.  Solution for employment issues is a vital problem for any IT company, which is why we are ready to invest our energy and resources into growth and development of young specialists, by investing, among other things, into creating new jobs.”

The general director of the asset management company of SEZ Tomsk, Konstantin Kaminsky noted, that infrastructure readiness is priority number one for attracting projects into SEZ.  “Today we see a sharp rise in the interest towards land lots on the side of potential residents.  And this is the main competitive advantage of Tomsk SEZ for business – the ability to receive land lots with clearly marked purpose and understandable procedures of allotment and further transfer of title, - Konstantin Kaminsky emphasized.

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