Government Panel Office Supports Project of Building a Section of the Small Transport Ring of Tomsk


The Office of the Governmental Commission for Regional Development of Russia, headed by Deputy Prime Minister of the Government Marat Husnullin, has supported the Tomsk Region's application for the construction of the first section of the small transport ring in Tomsk. The region will receive a loan from the federal budget in the amount of 1.8 billion rubles for this project.

The construction of the object will make it possible to divert and relieve traffic flows in the regional center and Tomsk agglomeration, and, more importantly, provide transport access to the districts of complex residential areas with a total area of more than one million square meters.

The region is ready to start construction in 2022: The complete package of documents for the cost estimate is ready and has been positively evaluated by experts. The total cost of the project construction is 4.8 billion rubles. Tomsk Oblast will apply for another 3 billion rubles under the new competitive approval stage.

"The construction of the first stage of the small transport ring of Tomsk will help realize an investment project for complex housing construction costing 17.8 billion rubles, of which 15 billion will be spent on housing construction by private companies, 1 billion on internal block infrastructure, and 1.8 billion on long-distance transport infrastructure."

The small transport ring of Tomsk agglomeration will allow relieving  the most congested traffic directions (the Tomsk - airport motor road, the transport square, the roundabout on Yuzhnaya square and other directions), to free them from freight traffic and to divert the transit flow around the central districts of Tomsk.

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