Biolit Company Becomes New Resident of Special Economic Zone Tomsk


The Biolit project which includes the building of a research and production complex with an area of more than 2 thousand square meters will take more than 130 mln rubles of the total sum of investment.  The production activity within territory owned by SEZ will be conducted by no less than 60 employees.

 According to the opinion of the company’s director, Valeriy Sergun, the SEZ  territory is the best location for realizing the project, considering the presence of developed infrastructure and the opportunity of receiving tax breaks.  Besides the status of another enterprise based in SEZ, the addition of this new facility will further attract credit organizations when providing borrowed resources.

 The Biolit company was established by the scientists of the Institute of Oil Chemistry of SB RAS (the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences) in 1991.  Today it is an innovative biotechnology company with sequential stages of technological process: growing, collecting, processing environment-friendly crude plant products, the scientifically valid production of dietary supplements, food products, and cosmetics.

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