Two Enterprises Become Residents of Industrial Park Tomsk


The new enterprise Rybozavod Tomskii plans to open manufacturing workshops on the Berezovaya site, including an aquafarm designed on the basis of RAS technology (recirculating aquaculture system), where high-end fish species will be grown – such as trout, whitefish, white salmon, and sturgeon.

This enterprise will create a full cycle of production within the industrial park.  Exclusion of time losses and expenses spent on delivering fresh fish for processing will decrease the cost of production. After the launch, the fish processing plant plans to sell smoked and salted fish, steaks, cured fillets, chilled and other fish products.  Also, new technology for separating fatty acids (Omega-3) into individual parts for use in the pharmaceutical industry is being developed.

Realization of the NPK Magnit investment project on the Severnaya site will allow the enterprise to broaden the range of machine units and launch the production of large-sized equipment for thermal treatment, which at this time is only produced in Germany, Spain, Japan and China.  The machines, produced by the company, designated for thermal treatment of metal, will be supplied to machine-building, fabricating works, the oil and gas sector, and other industries.

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